We Scale eComm Businesses With Our Proven Facebook™ Advertising Strategies

We Scale eComm Businesses With Our Proven Facebook™ Advertising Strategies

GROW & Scale Your Business With Facebook Advertising

GROW & Scale Your Business With Facebook Advertising

We are a hybrid consultancy and marketing agency. The benefit to you is that we are able to lend several years of experience with marketing across several fields and enabling us to work collaboratively to reach targets. Our mission is to maximize ROI and take your business to the next level.

We Can Help You If…

Your Store Is Brand New Or Existing

You’ve spent the past few months validating your product and are making sales online. People seem to love your product and you have big plans to scale your growth. But where to start? Ads Manager looks too complicated and you have nagging doubts if it will be worth it.

Your Past Campaigns Have Failed

You’ve spent countless hours researching Facebook ads but can’t seem to get the incredible ROI everyone is raving about. The truth is, you’re not sure what the problem is and how to fix it. You can’t figure it out and are frustrated seeing your ad spend slip through your fingers with little to no return.


You've Been Burned In The Past

You hired someone to do them for you but it was a complete waste of money. The worst part? You don’t know if A) that agency didn’t know what they were doing, B) maybe Facebook ads just don’t work for your particular business, or C) you were using the wrong strategy. (My guess is a little of A, none of B, and a lot of C.)

Here’s What We Do (IN A NUTSHELL)

Strategy & Planning

We work with you to establish clear goals and objectives to help set customised KPI’s designed to track your ad campaign growth.

Launch, Track & Optimise

We track and monitor the performance of the campaign daily which means we are always on the front foot.

Scale & Grow


We build on successful campaigns and constantly improve to deliver our aim to increase your ROI

We are a badged Facebook Marketing Consultant Partner

Client Love

see some of our TESTIMONIALS

I loved working with Light Tree Lead Gen. Their knowledge of Facebook ads is immense and they have really helped me to grow my business. They are always helpful and really work hard to help you succeed. The genuine access to Sheryl and her team and not feeling like a dot in the funnel once I had paid my money made all the difference.

Rosalie Audoin

Founder of Dielle UK

If you are looking for a Facebook ad agency that delivers, then don’t sleep on Light Tree Lead Gen! Before working with Sheryl I was struggling with Facebook ads, I tried in the past and could not get it to work and just did not have time to do it alone. They really are knowledgeable about what works and gets results! Now my sales are increasing every week and I have truly scaled and I am reaching my business goals faster than before. Thanks Sheryl!

Craig Chambers

Owner & Creator of 24KGOLD Clothing

Working with Sheryl is a must for me! I don’t think I could give her up. Every time we talk, I feel that not only have I learned something valuable, but also I have clarity and validation on how to move my business forward. I know which specific actions to take and expectations of the results, plus I know that I will be supported if I have questions.
On our latest project, she is helping me with Facebook Ads and for the first time after years of dabbling on my own, I am seeing exciting results! Without Sheryl’s expertise, I wouldn’t have seen as many leads in each round of testing. It is so fun when you start to see how it works and are getting multiple signups every day!!

Heather Legge

Founder of Envision Success Inc

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